Roychowdhury Industries


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Waste Recycling

There are three types of wastes – Liquid,Solid,Gaseous waste
We are working in the area Liquid and Solid waste.

Power Generation

We are manufacturing equipments for Hydro power plants.

Defence Industry

We are in the business of providing service to the Defence Industry – Bailey Bridge and its components.

Metal Industry

There are several metal industries.
We manufacture and supply
Ladle, Bunker, Hopper for furnaces. Apart from that we also manufacture Roller Tables and other equipments for metal industry.

Material Handling

We manufacture Equipments for Material Handling like – Fabricated Chute, Idler Bracket, Cradle Frames, Structures for conveyor.



Office buildings, schools,colleges shopping malls, hotels, restaurants,hospitals and other commercial and institutional buildings generate significant amounts of materials and waste. We manufacture the equipments to help facility managers, building owners and other stakeholders to improve waste management in their buildings, reduce costs and enhance sustainability.



Water treatment plant for residential sectors is to meet the standards of drinking water. It is vital to understand the impurities of drinking water for which the water affects our health. The water should not be contaminated. 

As the demand for water is getting high.

We ensure that the water treatment system’s design and performance satisfy the standard of water.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering

It applies scientific and engineering principles to 

improve and maintain the environment to protect us,  

the ecosystems, and improve environmental-related enhancement of the quality of human life. Environmental engineering gives solutions for waste management,  pollution control, recycling, waste disposal, and public health. Apart from these, we are now focusing on the renewable energy to save the resources for the future.